Why coding should be mandatory in schools

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2018 is an important year. 2018 marks the centenary of women (some, not all) having the right to vote. 2018 is also the Year of Engineering – a government campaign recognising the importance of engineering across the UK to inspire and encourage young individuals to get involved. Currently, only 17% of people working in technology in the UK are female, with …

Key Issues in Tech Ethics

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There’s definitely something about attending meetings at the Houses of Parliament. The corridors of power oozing history, the sense of events happening around you and the hint of a promise of a smidge of influence. So having the opportunity to opine on “What are the most pressing issues in tech ethics?” was too good an opportunity to miss. The big …

Claiming the CxO title for agile leadership

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Leading Agilesphere Over the last few years, Hugh, Jeremy and I have each brought our complementary leadership strengths to Agilesphere. It’s the combination that has made Agilesphere the success it is today. We work well together, we lean on each other, and our relationship is an equal one in terms of skills, experience and effort. None of us could have …

The agile interview

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The agile interview – demonstrate rather than tell. A few years ago I became deeply dissatisfied by the interviews that were being conducted for a role we were hiring for. It was the same old thing, the standard interview questions were eliciting the standard responses, and not giving me the slightest idea whether the person could really do the job. …

Getting Started with Agile Teams at Scale: Tip 1

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1. One Single Backlog   Just to be clear from the outset, this blog is about when you are dealing with more than one Scrum team. Let’s assume you’ve decided what product you are going to deliver (in an agile way), you are using Scrum as your empirical process framework and you now know you need to add to the …

UX Camp Brighton 2017

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We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring this year’s UX Camp Brighton! UX Camp Brighton is an ‘unconference’ for anyone involved or interested in user experience design, user research, interaction design, information architecture, usability, accessibility and other associated fields. Attendees either run or participate in 20 minute sessions, such as talks, demos or discussions. No headliners, no product pitches, just a …

Agile Women UK

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We recently took over the sponsorship and running of Agile Women UK. Agile Women UK is a place for women working in agile environments to share success stories, challenges and opportunities. Let’s get together regularly and swap ideas with other women who work in similar roles and can relate to shared experience. Our first event was held at the Groucho Club …

SDLC: The price of disagreement

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When teams fail to agree and follow a common approach to developing and releasing software it often results in delays, duplication, and a mountain of technical debt. This post  explores the challenges behind one of most important decisions your delivery team or programme will make - how to agree and follow the SDLC. First up…are we talking about ‘Software’ or ...

Agile Business Conference 2016 Presentation

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The Agile Business Conference 2016 Presentation is now available to view and download below. The Agile Business Conference 2016 Presentation is now available to view and download here.